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It's queer, kinky, and poly: the cosmic erotic tale you've been waiting for!

On August 5, 2126, passengers on the Comet Cruise, a luxury cosmic liner, will enjoy the spectacle of watching the comet Swift-Tuttle pass by. Having lived most of her life in a remote eco-village, Tallis eagerly volunteers to travel to space several weeks before the Passing to look for her childhood friend who vanished aboard the famously sinful cruise. As Tallis looks for her friend, she becomes swept up in the kinky, hedonistic lifestyle of the queer, poly passengers she meets, while secretly joining a group of passionate climate-activist crew members who seek her help planning their cyber-revolution. In both circles, Tallis finds playmates who delight in helping her explore her long-hidden kinks and fantasies. But following her missing friend’s trail leads her to dark secrets and dangerous people. As the comet’s Passing Day gets closer, her two incongruous groups of lovers collide, and the turmoil that erupts will test their bonds and provoke consequences far beyond their imagination.
This erotica features kinky sex scenes between groups of two, three, and four people of various gender identities!

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Niska spends her days reading, napping, and writing filth for other dark deviants like herself to enjoy. She loves writing about life in space, ill-fated settlements in distant planetary systems, post-apocalyptic scenarios, and grim dystopias. The authors most present on her bookshelf currently are Margaret Atwood, John Wyndham, and Gloria Steinem. You're most likely to find her in her local bookstore, dreaming of the day when queer, kinky erotica has a whole gorgeous bookshelf. Stay in touch with Niska on Instagram and TikTok: @naughty_niska, and sign up for her newsletter to find out when the next smut is coming your way by clicking the link below.

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